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Tailor made work

Each client is different. Due to our wide knowledge and extensive facilities we can create tailor made solutions for each potential client whether this concerns “ready to work” delivery on the construction site, or composing and delivering entire packages for several trucks and semi-trailers. And you can always count on solid advice and professional implementation of the agreements made.

In our own maintenance, construction workshop and paint shop we can make new and used vehicles delivered by us entirely client-specific, not only by conducting regular maintenance, testing and inspections, but also by spray painting or lettering them in your company colours or fitting them with extras and options that the vehicle was not fitted with as standard from the factory. Extras can include tipper pumps, car loading cranes, pressure units, or fitting an entirely different superstructure according to your specifications.

Also, we are often asked to supply consumables, parts and filter sets, which we can always offer at a competitive price. Naturally, this is only a sample of specific client’s wishes and we are happy to discuss the possibilities with you and are convinced that we can offer the right solution for your specific needs.