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There are few statues of critics...

A bit old fashioned

Our roots date back to over seventy years ago, when an agreement still held water and more things were done using instincts rather than calculators. We still cultivate this legacy today. Sometimes this hurts, but even in this day and age it still adds a little bit of extra enjoyment to our work.
In all these years, there has been one constant factor: the relationship between the clients and the suppliers is maintained by continuous innovation and ensuring win-win situations. The only thing that has changed in this respect is that in the past when faced with a setback, extra effort was made, whilst nowadays it often means the end of a long term relationship. But this is also part of innovation! We are aware of the fact that we must continuously deliver the highest quality. And we do.
At Becx we have an old fashioned flat company structure where we place great responsibility with our employees. We believe that everybody should work as their own manager. By continuously training and educating our people we can ensure they remain professionals with passion that are committed to our company so we can we achieve best result together.