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We came from far…..

In 1942 Piet Becx, from de Heike in the Brabant Vessem, founded his own transport company. After a start with a small truck, the transport company grew to 6 trucks that were used to transport cattle, flour and goods from the Dutch fence producing company, Heras Hekwork.

At the end of his logistics career, Piet Becx left the company to his three sons, who, separately or jointly, each with two cars, found their own way in the transport world.
In the years after the takeover, Jo, the middle son, mainly drove for Dutch fence producing company Heras Hekwork, where the transport equipment for the fences is still delivered by Becx Verhuur today.
The motivated entrepreneur from Vessem extended his company to an all round international transport company with over a hundred pulling units and several logistics storage centres in Brabant.
The third Becx generation also had transport running through their veins and founded Becx Verhuur in 2001, managed by Michiel Becx.
To keep on combining the knowledge of the transport industry built up during the many years of social entrepreneurship, Becx Verhuur has become one of the leading full service rental companies, thanks to its progressive clients.