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Giving greater human input and making it easier... it is possible...

It has to be better...

We often hear that there needs to be more human input and that it needs to be easier.

It can be done!!

We work in a flat organisation, where we dare to believe in people and where we put a lot of responsibility on the shoulders of individual employees. Without childish checking and check lists we believe that our well trained employees can function as their own managers and it works. Due to continuous innovation and evaluation, together with our employees we can achieve the best results.

And this is how we achieve this...

Ensuring good working conditions

Using the Dutch health and safety regulations (ARBO) as a starting point, and in consultation with our expert staff, we make each workshop into a work-friendly, well-oiled machine that can take further steps in the fields of:

  • Safety
  • Lifting and fork lifting facilities
  • Air treatment
  • Tools
  • Climate control

The fact that this innovative approach works is demonstrated by our extremely low sickness absenteeism every year. So taking things a step further is healthier as well.

Trying to learn every day

Everyone makes mistakes! And unfortunately this also applies to us, although we have to restrict it to a minimum. Within our company, ‘fine tuning’ our work is an ongoing process. On the one hand we achieve this through education and training outside our company, but more important is knowledge transfer within our company with expert professionals teaching the younger generations the tricks of the trade. Should something nevertheless go wrong, our people are always really affected by it: which is a sign of great commitment.

All this is proof that our people are real professionals, showing their commitment to our company and enabling us to achieve the best result together.

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR):

  • This starts with the right basis: we all see the usefulness and the necessity of Corporate Social Responsibility through a combination of this with a casual working environment and old fashioned craftsmanship. In addition, we have the potential to create a stable working environment for people with mental or physical disabilities.
  • Minimising waste flows: naturally, our workshops meet the latest requirements with respect to environmental legislation. At Becx we are focused on generating a minimum amount of waste flows. The remaining waste is separated as much as possible and only disposed of through certified companies.
  • Reducing CO2 emissions: where possible, we make use of electric vehicles. We don’t cool our workplaces with air-conditioning, but by circulating cold water. To keep our empty transport kilometres to a minimum, we have developed a “one of a kind” vehicle with which we can move both semi-trailers as well as trucks.
  • Power consumption: by smart use of home automation systems, LED lighting, timers and modern machinery, in recent years we have managed to achieve a significant reduction in our power consumption.
  • Reuse where possible: by using air treatment systems with recirculation and proper insulation of our areas, we achieve maximum return from each m³ of natural gas. For each case, we look at the options for reuse. For example, the bricks of our former company building were the base for our current outside area. In this way, with a bit of creativity and often with relatively small amendments to products we can make them meet today’s requirements.
  • Lifespan of products: what is often forgotten is that conducting good maintenance combined with a mentality of repairing instead of just replacing, product life cycle can be extended significantly. We are of the opinion that not creating a ‘footprint’ in the first place is even better than erasing one.
  • Automation: by customised automation of processes we have managed to provide the right people access to the right information with little effort so that all information is “up to date”. By communicating digitally and by sending invoices by email, we are well on the way to a “paperless" office!